Month: August 2016

High Quality Marble Suppliers in Melbourne

Baron Forge

I got a new benchtop and splashback for my kitchen. I got it from Baron Forge which is a national business that specializes in Commercial Tiling and Stonemasonry in Melbourne. It is involved in construction of buildings. The stone products they use are processed in Australia at their manufacturing plants.

They provide facilities in manufacturing are –

Polishing including CNC capability.

Cutting of equipment such as saws and water jet cutter.


Assembly of components.

Stonemasonry Experts

I grabbed The Baron Forge Advantage, in which they measure and install the bench top and glass splashback by eliminating the long process of several weeks. At that time I had selected a marble benchtop and today I can proudly say that I had chosen Baron Forge instead of other Marble Suppliers in Melbourne. Marble is a calcium carbonate-based, metamorphic stone formed by the re-crystallization of limestone under intense geological pressure and heat. There were two types of marble available for the selecting – calcite and dolomite.

Their Marble benchtop helps in –

Abrasion Resistance – Marble is capable to abrasion attack, which occurs mostly from common kitchen utensils, and can be prevented with use of protective cutting boards and similar measures.

Chemical Resistance – Chemicals can attack mostly by exposure to acidic solutions, such as lemon juice, juice of tomatoes, vinegar etc. The use of inappropriate cleaning agents can also cause acidic attack.

I was happy with their convenient service that was flexible within my budget and neither have I compromised on quality. They excelled in professionalism by completing the job at the specified date.

Commercial Stone Wall Cladding

Baron Forge manufacture of all types of ceramic and stone tiles are produced ready for install such as benchtops, vanities, fireplaces, decorative feature walls, facades and the. They have three major manufacturing plants across Victoria, NSW and QLD. They serve their major manufacturing facilities in Melbourne.

So get your construction work done from Baron Forge. You can know more about them from their website –

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