Stone Cladding in Melbourne

Baron Forge

I am a forty one years old Australia based philosophy professor. I spent half of my life in college and rest of my life in staff quarters. Before retirement I wanted to build my own house and fortunately I did the same. I bought my home in New South Wales and shifted from the staff quarters into it with my whole family. We were all happy at that time because we were gonna to celebrate the coming Christmas in our own home with great celebrations and happiness. But before Christmas we planned to renovate our home in more stylish way. Me and my son decided to do stone cladding for some parts of the home so as to give a different touch to the interior of our home. We decided to do stone cladding for making the entrance and garden view of the house more attractive and traditional. We wanted to make our home look best and attractive and that’s why we wanted best stone masonry company and supplier. We had already heard about the Baron Forge company and hence decided to go there only for all of our needs.


So, one day me and my son visited the nearest outlet of Baron Forge in New South Wales. As we had heard so many positive things about it from one of our dearest friend because long time ago we had seen the iconic glass splash backs and unique stone cladding of Baron Forge in one of our friend’s home and we witnessed the superior quality of Baron Forge there only. We had a strong belief that whatever we are searching for, we will gonna to get it from Baron Forge only.

We reached the outlet of Baron Forge and started seeing the wide range of stone cladding there. We were surprised to know that since 1985 Baron Forge has been involved with some of the country’s iconic commercial projects and it is a major brand name in quality stone wall cladding and Ceramic Tiling as well. They showed us marble, granite and limestone for stone cladding. We wanted hardest stone with high levels of resistance to abrasion and scratching and that is why we decided to choose from granite product gallery. There was a wide range of marbles, granites and limestones but we had chosen only marinace green granite for stone cladding. We contacted our builder and told him to build the stone cladding with Baron Forge’s material only.


Our builder ordered required quantity of marinace green granite as per our home area requirements. The finish of the granite was too good. After whole finishing of the entrance walls and garden bench tops we were like amazed. Our decision of choosing Baron Forge was best. On time and quality delivery of products within a set affordable budget was really good. I made my home, my dream home with Baron Forge and would like to recommend it to you also. For more details or contact at


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