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How to Find a Stonemason in Melbourne

Baron Forge

Stonemasonry involves working with the stones, carving them and cutting them to make a suitable structure. Stonemasonry is widely used in the construction of buildings. The Stonemasonry work involves high creativity, skills, and professional knowledge. Under stonemasonry, masons have to work with various materials like sandstone, limestone, slate, marble, and granite as well.

Work of Stonemasons

The work of stonemasons is physically demanding as they have to work on construction sites and sometimes they have to carry heavy stones as well. The use of right techniques, tools or methods, wearing proper safety measures like gloves, goggles, ear defenders and boots are very important.

Stonemason in Melbourne


In the city of Melbourne, the finest examples of stonemasonry can be seen through some of the outstanding architectural designs and constructions.

There are a large number of contractors in Melbourne who can do stonemasonry as per the requirement of customers but when it comes to the name of Baron Forge, no one else can compete with them.

Baron Forge in Stonemasonry

Baron Forge is a well-known contractor in the field of stone masonry and commercial tiling.

It was founded in the year 1985 and since then it has been involved in the construction of many iconic buildings around Australia. The trained team of Stonemasons in Melbourne at Baron Forge are perfect in doing any type of stone masonry in any wall cladding project.

It employs more then150 workers and professionals.

Stone Cladding in Melbourne 

Baron Forge has been involved with some of the country’s iconic commercial projects. It has an award-winning and highly experienced stonemason team. The stonemasonry team is best at providing superior service and quality stone wall cladding and Ceramic Tiling.

Baron Forge is best for providing services such as,

* Stone Masonry

* StoneTiling

* Waterproofing

* Caulking

* Sealing of stone

* Design & Shop drawing

Trusted Stonemasons in Melbourne


Baron Forge has a wide experience in the field of stonemasonry and commercial tiling. They are also known as stone suppliers, tile manufacturers, stone manufacturers and so on.

Baron Forge is specialized in stone wall cladding installation, stone manufacturing, stone polishing services, commercial stone wall cladding, stone cutting, cleaning and sealing services.

Thus, for any type of stone masonry work or stone cladding Baron Forge is best.

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