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High Quality Stone Suppliers in Melbourne

All of us look for a perfect product that needs to install in our area. And stone is one thing which adds uniqueness to that particular area.

Are you looking for one of the best stone suppliers in Melbourne?

Baron Forge is one of the best stone suppliers in Melbourne available all over the country. The marble offered by Baron Forge is high in quality and can be installed without much difficulty even where there are curves and can be cut into any shape or sizes whereas you will notice this kind of flexibility in the natural stones. Every project that they take on is different from the other and you will not see anything in common. They also guarantee the complete transformation of your home and can offer both traditional and contemporary look to your house.


We also supply stones in many parts of the world. They are considered as best stone suppliers in Melbourne. Stone is very popular these days; most of the people are using them on their bench tops and many other places. You will also find various styles of stones that come in numerous shapes, colors and sizes.

Our aim is to use our proficiency to gratify clients’ needs by providing excellent services and products at competitive rates. Our company has a strong team of professionals with skilled engineers producing finest stones.

We offer amazing services to our clients:

It also offers amazing maintenance services. Some of them are polishing, panel matching, waterproofing, repair chips, stone cleaning, stain removal, color matching of grout and much more. The team of Baron Forges offers the best solution by identifying the problems and executes the process for best results. We have massive variety available in stone from various designs, color and sizes.

We also offer limestone, which is one of the best products till now. Limestone is one of the premium ranges of stones used in various places to add class and elegance to your area. It comes various sizes and shapes

When choosing a stone for living room flooring, many things need to be kept in mind. Whether it is your budget, the area that needs to be covered and the matching color that needs to be used. Your entire house will give an elite appearance with these amazingly manufactures stones.


Making a selection of the stones should never be done hurriedly. It involves careful planning and delving into the market properly. The accessibility of the dissimilar varieties and their advantages and disadvantages needs to be properly analyzed. This information can also be gathered from the online sites and then comparative study should be made. You can also search from and then make the choice accordingly.

Each and every stone, produced by our team is unique and very different from others. So every time you will see something different and unusual from the previous product. So contact us and get the best amongst others. For more information, read these tips to get best stone suppliers in Melbourne

How to Find a Stonemason in Melbourne

Baron Forge

Stonemasonry involves working with the stones, carving them and cutting them to make a suitable structure. Stonemasonry is widely used in the construction of buildings. The Stonemasonry work involves high creativity, skills, and professional knowledge. Under stonemasonry, masons have to work with various materials like sandstone, limestone, slate, marble, and granite as well.

Work of Stonemasons

The work of stonemasons is physically demanding as they have to work on construction sites and sometimes they have to carry heavy stones as well. The use of right techniques, tools or methods, wearing proper safety measures like gloves, goggles, ear defenders and boots are very important.

Stonemason in Melbourne


In the city of Melbourne, the finest examples of stonemasonry can be seen through some of the outstanding architectural designs and constructions.

There are a large number of contractors in Melbourne who can do stonemasonry as per the requirement of customers but when it comes to the name of Baron Forge, no one else can compete with them.

Baron Forge in Stonemasonry

Baron Forge is a well-known contractor in the field of stone masonry and commercial tiling.

It was founded in the year 1985 and since then it has been involved in the construction of many iconic buildings around Australia. The trained team of Stonemasons in Melbourne at Baron Forge are perfect in doing any type of stone masonry in any wall cladding project.

It employs more then150 workers and professionals.

Stone Cladding in Melbourne 

Baron Forge has been involved with some of the country’s iconic commercial projects. It has an award-winning and highly experienced stonemason team. The stonemasonry team is best at providing superior service and quality stone wall cladding and Ceramic Tiling.

Baron Forge is best for providing services such as,

* Stone Masonry

* StoneTiling

* Waterproofing

* Caulking

* Sealing of stone

* Design & Shop drawing

Trusted Stonemasons in Melbourne


Baron Forge has a wide experience in the field of stonemasonry and commercial tiling. They are also known as stone suppliers, tile manufacturers, stone manufacturers and so on.

Baron Forge is specialized in stone wall cladding installation, stone manufacturing, stone polishing services, commercial stone wall cladding, stone cutting, cleaning and sealing services.

Thus, for any type of stone masonry work or stone cladding Baron Forge is best.

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